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original people

The goods and wares you see here are one of a kind.   Made in a small shop located in the Loess Hills of Iowa, each piece is personally designed and hand crafted.  Natural woods from local mills and farms combined with up-cycled metals and acrylics create a look that fits any space. Rustic Modernism?  Functional Form?  Whatever you call it,  these pieces are made to use, truly original and have a story all their own.   We are grateful they get to continue their story by becoming a part of yours . 

Photographs make people happy, plain and simple.  I think of my grandmother who, from a moving car, would kill a roll of film snapping  blurry pictures of pine trees and my sister who captured photos of buildings that no longer stand. They both took photos because they loved them, not because someone else might.  I keep that in mind as I photograph the places that make me happy and am glad I can share them with you.

genuine photographs